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 <code xcend> <code xcend>
 changeAttributes(ident uid, ident id, string lecture, string term) { changeAttributes(ident uid, ident id, string lecture, string term) {
-  assume exists ​//accounts/​account[uid]/​admin || exists ​//accounts/​account[uid]/​assistant[id];​+  assume exists /​account[uid]/​admin || exists /​account[uid]/​assistant[id];​
-  assume exists ​//exercise/​exercise[id];​ # implicitly true in OO implementations+  assume exists /​exercise[id];​ # implicitly true in OO implementations
-  update ​//exercise/​exercise[id]/​lecture lecture; +  update /​exercise[id]/​lecture lecture; 
-  update ​//exercise/​exercise[id]/​term term;+  update /​exercise[id]/​term term;
 } }
 </​code>​ </​code>​
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