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 [[:start]] is based on a full formalization in [[http://​|Isabelle/​HOL]]. [[:start]] is based on a full formalization in [[http://​|Isabelle/​HOL]].
-The full theory (as <​nowiki>​HTML and PDF</​nowiki>​) ​can be found [[https://​​theory/​html|here]].+The full theory (as <​nowiki>​HTML and PDF</​nowiki>​) ​is available ​here:
 +^ Version ^ Description ^ Resources ^
 +| [[https://​​theory/​html/​itp/​|ITP]] | Published at [[http://​|ITP 2012]] in Princeton. | [[https://​​twiki/​pub/​Homepage/​Publikationen/​itp12.pdf|paper]] |
 +| [[https://​​theory/​html/​phd/​|PhD]] | The accompanying theory of the PhD thesis. | [[https://​​theory/​html/​phd/​|sources]]((A //flat// ZIP file of all "​thy"​ files. )) |
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